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The Cabo Verde Islands are situated 450 km west of the coast of Senegal and 1500 km south of the Canary Islands. They were formed by volcanic activity. The Cabo Verde Islands are a former Portuguese colony that is independent since 1975. The archipelago, situated year-round in the trade wind-zone, is divided into two main groups:

The SOTAVENTO Group (situated mainly in the wind-shed): the southeast group of islands which include MAJO, SANTIAGO, FOGO and BRAVA – and The BARLAVENTO Group (situated in the trade-winds): the northwest group of islands which include SANTO ANTAO, SAO VICENTE, ST. LUZIA, SAN NICOLAU, SAL and BOA VISTA.

The marine life of cabo verde is famous for big fish like sharks, tuna, dolphins, manta rays and sometimes whalesharks, turtles and from time to time whales. On our diving safaris we take you far away from mass tourism to untouched diving sites and unforgettable impressions.

The cabo verde islands

The cabo verde islands