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The Cabo Verde Islands are situated 450 km west of the coast of Senegal and 1500 km south of the Canary Islands. They were formed by volcanic activity. The Cabo Verde Islands are a former Portuguese colony that is independent since 1975. The archipelago, situated year-round in the trade wind-zone, is divided into two main groups:

The SOTAVENTO Group (situated mainly in the wind-shed): the southeast group of islands which include MAJO, SANTIAGO, FOGO und BRAVA – and the for us more interesting group of islands: The BARLAVENTO Group (situated in the trade-winds): the northwest group of islands which include SANTO ANTAO, SAO VICENTE, ST. LUZIA, SAN NICOLAU, SAL and BOA VISTA.

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When the wind is still weak (3 to 4 bft.) in Sal, it's usually already blowin with 5 - 6 bft. in the northwest group of islands situated 200 km further west from SAL. There, the wind is strengthened by local thermal systems and by nozzle-effects from the almost 2000 m high mountains. Therefore, we claim that we are able to spoil our windsurfing guests with wind all year long.

The cabo verde islands

The cabo verde islands